The d’Arenberg Cube Restaurant will close after its final service on Thursday April 2 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The news was announced in an Instagram post on Friday.

“Facing the challenges of the current economic environment since the global pandemic and with much regret, we have made the very hard decision to close The d'Arenberg Cube Restaurant,” the post reads.

“Since its inception [chefs] Brendan, Lindsay and their incredible team have delivered a dining experience that is truly extraordinary. We are eternally proud and grateful for what has been achieved by the restaurant team and thankful to the many thousands of diners who have trusted us with their patronage. We truly hope that trust has been rewarded with long lasting memories of surprise, adventure, and most importantly delicious food.”

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The five-storey d’Arenberg Cube and its fine dining restaurant opened at the close of 2017. The restaurant, headed by husband-and-wife duo Brendan Wessels and Lindsay Dürr, made waves nationally for its ambitious, boundary pushing menu. It was one of the first restaurants in Australia to use 3D-printed elements in its dishes.

“Brendan, Lindsay and everyone involved created an amazing experience for so many people,” owner Chester Osborn said on Instagram. “Their passion, dedication, ability and determination are incredibly admirable. In the last two years they have truly blown people’s minds with their skill, sense of fun and creativity. It is a truly sad loss for d’Arenberg and will be deeply missed.”

A new restaurant will eventually fill the level three space, Osborn told the Advertiser, but its form is yet to be determined. “Nobody knows how big a recession we’re going to have, and whether we have to start with a more moderately priced restaurant is to be seen,” he said.

Guests who have a reservation at the restaurant beyond April 2 will be contacted by the team. The d’Arenberg Cube, d'Arry's Verandah Restaurant and Polly's Wine Lounge will remain open as they are “comfortably in line with the government’s new restriction on non-essential indoor gatherings”.

Sadly, the Cube Restaurant is one of many of the industry’s coronavirus casualties. Venues across the country are closing in droves as huge swathes of the population self-distance and self-isolate. On Friday Broadsheet reported that some of Adelaide’s best restaurants have seen trade plummet up to 85 per cent. On Saturday Restaurant Orana announced its closure.