The Hindley Street complex, better known as the site of a mega church, Australia’s Pizza House and a corner deli, is about to be given new life thanks to a venture by Tuoi Tran.

The co-owner of Gondola Gondola leased the venue over a year ago, but licensing issues stalled his plans. “I wanted to do Gondola together with my wife and now that’s settled I can come back to this,” he says.

Shangri-La is a joint venture between Tran and friend Charlie Ji. The pair has revived the stagnant space and created a Shanghai-style bar with karaoke facilities that cater to every demographic. “I’d like to bring karaoke in to the western market,” says Tran.

The menu reveals that masterplan. As well as the dim-sum plates that can be ordered in the karaoke rooms, pizzas are served up in the front bar. As for the drinks, expect Chinese-influenced cocktails such as winter melon and oolong tea.

Tran’s vision is of a versatile venue; one that doesn’t heap on the pressure to belt out a tune. “I want people to be able to come and enjoy the bar and not have to do karaoke. But if they have a few drinks and feel like they want to sing, then it’s available.”

Keep an eye out for the mural beside the bar by local artist Elaine Cheng, as well as the illuminated red lanterns at the ceiling. There’s also a large balcony overlooking the bustle of Hindley Street, so you can gloat over your pizza while watching the crowds stroll by.

The venue will open to the public before the end of the month.

1/128 Hindley Street, Adelaide
More details soon.