Walter Ventura is no bum. He operates four venues on O’Connell Street alone (Tony Tomatoes, Lucky Lupitas Transit Store, Cliche Exhibition, Gin Long Canteen) and is working on number five. Beach Bum Hawaiian Kiosk opens this September.

The venue will offer a taste of Hawaii’s North Shore street-food scene with Japanese influences. Sandwiched between arch rivals Blue and White Cafe and the North Adelaide Burger Bar (known for their ABs), Beach Bum will deliver an upmarket takeaway and casual dining experience to the strip.

Sarah Howell is steering the ship and says they’re chasing “A cool, kinda relaxed vibe.”

The interior reflects the menu's food-truck roots, with designer Alana Cooke (Reuben Hills) constructing two full-scale timber vans to serve as ordering station and bar. Sprawling, Japanese-inspired illustrations by Henry Jarman (BRKLYN, Cliché Exhibition) cover the exteriors.

Signature dishes like ‘poke’ – a Hawaiian raw fish preparation similar to sashimi – and tempura-style fish and chips will grace the menu alongside bento boxes, grilled skewers and a few non-seafood options. The rest is still being workshopped but Howell promises big things. “It’s like nothing like Adelaide’s ever seen before.”

Beach Bum Hawaiian Kiosk
47 O'Connell St, North Adelaide
(08) 8361 8741