The worldwide celebration of all things chardonnay falls on Thursday May 25. But West End wine bar Proof is getting in early with its first annual Chardy Party on Sunday May 21.

Chardonnay doesn’t always get a good wrap in the white-wine catalogue, with bar-goers often opting for its lighter-bodied cousins sauvignon blanc and riesling. Some would see a “Chardy Party” as a step towards reviving the perhaps less popular, cool-climate wine. Others – like Proof operator Joseph Wilkinson – would argue there can’t be a resurgence of something that never really went anywhere.

“Chardonnay stigma is ludicrous,” says Wilkinson. “[Its] stylistic difference and diversity is pretty much unmatched, in my opinion. Because of its weight and texture, it’s a white wine that suits the season.”

There’ll be “two tiers” of locally produced chardonnay on pour: young, emerging varieties from the likes of Commune of Buttons and BK Wines, alongside more established, “trad-style” drops such as Shaw + Smith’s M3 Chardonnay. A few international benchmarks will be on offer, too.

“We’ve pulled in heaps of stuff just for [the event],” says Wilkinson. “It ties in well with the end of vintage.”

Given it’s a non-ticketed get-together – and Proof doesn’t generally open on Sundays – it’ll be normal bar trade, “with the addition of [an] extensive by-the-glass chardonnay list.” Full- and half-pours will be available. “It’ll be like Proof plus-plus,” says Wilkinson.

On the food front, Poultry in Motion will be dishing out charcoal-chicken skewers and other finger-food. Skin Contact DJs are “taking care of all things fun,” says Wilkinson.

Chardy Party is on Sunday May 21 from 3pm until late at Proof. Entry is free.