Native-food champion Rebecca Sullivan will create “meaningful meals” from all-Australian ingredients at two pop-up dinners this Friday at Elementary Coffee.

As one half of native-product label Warndu (with partner Damien Coulthard), Sullivan wants to get people thinking about the food available in our backyards.

“We want to create a place where people can discuss Australian native ingredients and see them in the flesh; to really taste them individually and experience what these ingredients are,” Sullivan says.

The evening will feature Warndu’s signature broths including kangaroo; free-range pork and native lemon grass; free-range chicken and native thyme with coastal rosemary; and native celery with optional pipi (small, saltwater clams).

The meat will cook in paperbark and come served with noodles and an accompanying tray of native greens, such as ice plant, native thyme, wild basil and native mint.

“We don’t like to use the word pho, but it’s the easiest way of explaining what it is. We’re replacing elements you’d normally have in your pho, or in your soup, with Australian ones,” Sullivan says.

The produce is both foraged and farmed, and sourced from across Australia. “I went foraging recently with some traditional land owners just over the border in Mallee, near the Pink Lake. We have been working on building relationships with Indigenous businesses and also growers. I think most people think all of it is harvested wild, but that’s not the case, some of it is farmed.”

The “brews” will include kombucha from local producers Gut Feeling, wine from Basket Range crew Gentle Folk, and a new native gin from Gumeracha’s Applewood Distillery. For dessert expect a wattleseed affogato and a three-native-lime citrus tart garnished with green ant and blood lime.

Sullivan hopes to make Brew and Broth a “permanent pop-up” before opening a permanent venue next winter.

Brew & Broth will be held on Friday September 9 at 8pm at Elementary Coffee. The 6pm seating has sold-out. Numbers are limited and bookings are essential, via

Warndu products are available at E For Ethel, Goodies and Grains and online at