Hungry city workers will soon be able to wrap their hands around Bowlsome’s stacked-up salad and broth bowls.

Owner Danielle Elia will open a second location in the western end of Franklin Street cafe Public CBD, which is owned by Elia and her husband, James.

“We couldn’t be more excited to grow the brand,” says Elia. “Many of our customers at Henley are from the other side of town and are always asking if we can open Bowlsome closer to them.

“We looked at lots of city locations and really couldn’t find one that we were happy with.”

The right site was under their nose. “Franklin Street has such a vibe at the moment and Public is pumping,” she adds. The $250-million, 20-storey GPO Exchange office building next door will be completed in 2019; and the five-star Westin Hotel will open in the Adelaide General Post Office (GPO) building in 2022. “With all this development, we really didn’t want to be anywhere else.”

The Elias have rejigged Public’s floor plan to absorb the lost 20 or so seats into the cafe’s eastern end. Bowlsome will sit 15 inside and 30 outside.

Elia designed the Public fit-out when it opened seven years ago. She’ll follow suit with Bowlsome. “The vibe is still ‘Bowlsome’ but it’s a little more glam and colour for the CBD,” she says. “I’ve still gone with [an] earthy material palette but it’s definitely more ‘city’.”

Armed with a bigger kitchen, the CBD site will introduce sweet new additions to the current range of poke, bibimbap, grain and curry bowls. The "kefir bio bowl" will be anchored with a choice of two dairy-free frozen kefir bases, made using kefir grains. Customers can choose from toppings such as a sugar free berry compote, miso orange caramel coulis, goji berries, sunflower and cacao crunch, fresh seasonal fruits and more.

“This process has been really exciting as we’ve been working closely with a food scientist to develop healthy bases and my Aunty Poppy, the dessert queen, has helped perfect the taste,” says Elia.

An earlier start time of 8am means breakfast bowls are also on the way, as is a house-blend of organic coffee.

Bowlsome CBD will open on October 10. The new store will be open seven days a week from 8am to 8pm.