The cafe-salon concept isn’t foreign to Adam Hadley-Darrie. Until last year, he co-owned DAS.Hair and SAD Cafe, next door to one another in Ebenezer Place. “All good things come to an end, and Dom, Saffy [Ossa, the current owners at SAD] and I have grown a lot,” he says. “It’s just come time for us to work on our own projects.”

Hadley-Darrie has taken what he learned there to open Archie & Co with partner Paul Engelhardt. It’s named after their six-year-old Pug-Jack Russell cross. “He’s the Archie and we’re the Co,” Hadley-Darrie says.

The women’s and men’s salon is run by Hadley-Darrie, who has 17 years’ of experience. Next door, you’ll find Engelhardt serving bagels and pulling shots of espresso using Dawn Patrol beans, supplied by Hadley-Darrie’s old business partners.

“The cafe-salon concept snowballed from the idea of combining passions,” he says. It’s a space where customers can focus on the social aspect of visiting the hairdresser – something Hadley-Darrie saw a lot of at Das and SAD.

Engelhardt created the store’s branding, which is clean and playful. See: the cacti-motif business cards that sit on the counter. “We hope to print our graphics onto fabric items to display and sell,” Hadley-Darrie says.

This side business will later occupy the space behind the cafe, with Engelhardt’s designs and furniture, restored by the couple, available for purchase.

Outdoor seating has also been approved, so customers can enjoy the street-side view over a bagel and coffee while friends have their locks tended to. Visit on the right day and you might see Archie, too.

Archie & Co
48/81 Carrington Street, Adelaide
(08) 7225 0301

Tue to Thu 7am–5.30pm (salon from 10am)
Fri 10am–9pm
Sat 7am–5.30pm (salon from 10am)