A fireplace leads the way to the “secret” bar below city hangout Lindes Lane. It’s been there since August 2015 but many late-night revellers still walk straight past the concealed entrance to the speak-easy on their way to the toilets.

Co-owner Jason Jurecky was perfectly happy for people to miss the memo – until now. The intimate room is finally complete and he’s ready to show it off.

“We’ve added new furniture, changed the bar around, installed a new stereo system and called it The Barlow Room,” Jurecky says. Why? “It’s [in] the original Barlow Shoes building, and it’s the perfect name for a bar that’s down low.”

The bar is open on Friday and Saturday nights and fits 50 people. It has the look and feel of a 1920s prohibition bar, all Jurecky’s handiwork. A designer and builder by trade, he was behind the fit-outs for The Highway Hotel, Hindley Street’s original Elysium Lounge and Gouger Street’s former Cork Wine Cafe.

Jurecky opened Lindes Lane in April 2015 with Bar 9’s Ian Callahan, Wes Gilson and three silent partners. Their focus is on showing locals a good food-and-wine time.

“If it’s a secret bar through a secret door, you should feel like you’re going to a different time or place,” Jurecky says. “We look at it like a French underground bar. It could be the middle of a war somewhere in Europe. Everything had to be old.”

Including a German piano dating back to the twenties. “We don’t mind it a bit banged up and old. It fits the space and sounds amazing,” he says.

Old musical instruments, vintage oddities, ageing paintings, family heirlooms, classic cocktails, cheese platters and nibbles round off the old-time experience.

Despite the secretive entrance, Jurecky’s determined not to be pretentious.

“We don’t look down on people,” he says. “It’s friendly and fun. We try to make the customer happy and have a good time. We want people to feel like they’re at someone’s house.”

The Barlow Room is open on Friday and Saturday nights and available for hire for special events during the week. “Moving forward it can be a little jazz or cabaret venue,” Jurecky says. “That’s the next step.”

The Barlow Room is located below Lindes Lane, Adelaide city (off Rundle Mall).