Beer and dogs are rarely found together outside of the backyard. But there are some places that appreciate the value in the winning combination. The problem is you don’t want to turn up unannounced with your canine mate only be turned away on account of an anti-four-paws dress code.

So as the months warm, we’ve put together a list of the most dog-friendly beer-drinking spots.

Little Bang Brewing Company
Dogs are always welcome at Little Bang Brewing Company in Stepney. Even better they’re allowed access all areas. While there, you can chat to the brewers while lending a hand on one of their small batches, or head out into the beer garden for a game of Trivial Pursuit.

The animal-friendliness at this Union Street oasis extends all the way down to the beer, which is completely vegan and any spent grain goes to a local farm for cattle feed. It’s also the only spot to try some of Little Bang’s experimental creations poured exclusively at the inner-city brewery and cellar door. Previous batches have included peach sour and strawberry pilsner. 

Stanley Bridge Tavern
There’s one dog in particular always welcome at the Stanley Bridge Tavern in Verdun – and that’s Benny. The Jack Russell-regular walks himself to the pub each day, where he spends his time entertaining the patrons and hanging by the fire until his owner comes in for an after-work beer at 5pm.

While the front bar is just for Benny, all dogs are welcome in the beer garden, which sits next to a picturesque creek and is perfect for a cold beer in the warming weather.

Whistle & Flute
The courtyard setting of Whistle & Flute in Unley is well suited to a canine companion and they are more than welcome – they even have their own dedicated drinking area including a tap and bowl. The high communal tables also decrease the likelihood of your dog giving into culinary temptation.

While it’s a thriving cafe during the day, Whistle & Flute stays open late on a Friday to service the after-work crowd (and their dogs) with cocktails, tapas and a range of craft beers including White Rabbit.

Victoria Park
Victoria Park is like the international waters of Adelaide; it’s one of the only spots in the city you can fly model aircrafts and drones, there’s always a pedal prix tournament on, and dogs are allowed off-leash.

There also happens to be some top-notch public barbeques (i.e. less than a decade old) and a great picnic area where on a warm day you can set up with a six-pack of summer ale – such as the James Squire Swindler – on a sunny afternoon, kick back and watch your dog roam free.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with James Squire.