Sustainability, recycling, and the circular economy are at the heart of everything Laura Vogt does.

In 2012 she began reselling vintage designer clothes at long-running market Round She Goes. After studying business Vogt set up a store inside cafe Espresso Royale on Magill Road before joining artist-run studio and gallery Mixed Spice Creative Studios as a retailer last year. With the help of Renew Adelaide, she now has a space of her own in a Hindley Street basement.

The new clothing store is filling the void left by Swop. Literally. Sustainable Clothing Co has set up shop in the now-shuttered vintage retailer’s old digs (Swop co-founder Emily Sheahan now operates The Commons Studio and Exchange). Like its predecessor, Sustainable Clothing Co brings in pre-loved clothes to be sold in-store on consignment. There are also new hemp-based organic tees and recycled cotton wares made from off-cuts from Australian garment makers.

“In a sense Sustainable Clothing Co is in direct reaction to [international] fast fashion brands making their way into Adelaide,” says Vogt.

“I don’t buy anything that has been mass produced, I don’t want to support that industry. I think it’s important that people are educated, because every dollar you put toward fast fashion is saying that you’re supporting them.”

Descend into Vogt’s basement for vintage Nike, Fila, and Ralph, pre-loved Tripp pants, new avant-garde pieces by Finnish designer Daniel Palillo, Instagram-ready festival gear in yellow and green neon, and comfortable basics by Hemp Clothing Australia.

“I just love self-expression and being able to have my own style and being able to express that non verbally,” says Vogt. “Dressing what you feel comfortable in is part of self-care. To me, it isn’t about trends, rather how you feel about what you’re wearing and that it expresses your individuality.”

Sustainable Clothing Co
34 Hindley Street (basement)
Wed & Thu 10am–5pm
Fri 10am–7pm
Sat 10am–5pm