South Australian artist Dana Kinter lives on the Fleurieu Peninsula surrounded by native flora and fauna. Her work draws from the natural beauty of her home – its colours, shapes and movement – and an encyclopaedia of Australian birds handed down by her grandmother.

Last year the creative team at Gorman discovered her artwork on social media and passed it on to the label’s founder Lisa Gorman, who personally got in touch to pitch the idea of partnering up. “I already loved the brand and completely trusted what they did,” Kinter says. “They still showed me everything and asked my opinion but really, I just said they can have it all.”

The newly launched collaboration celebrates the Australian landscape with a natural colour palette, intricate foliage and native birds such as the honeyeater. Each print is based on an original artwork by Kinter.

“I try to leave lots of textures in my work, from the beginning pencil lines, dribbles of ink, layering of paint and line and dot patterning,” Kinter says. “Even the natural timber that I like to peek through. All of these are beautifully captured.”

The range spans apparel, accessories and home wares, including dresses, raincoats, cushions and socks. “I like the idea that it’s only a small run,” Kinter says. “It helps to keep the clothing special like little artworks in themselves.”

The collaboration is available in-stores and online.