Creative director and writer Sue Fleming spent a month transforming a secluded co-working space and record store into a gift store and gallery. The little space located above Currie Street is a sea of orange stickers.

“We put orange dots on work by local artists,” she says. “It’s tough for a lot of the emerging people and it’s hard to get a following when you’re competing with the big boys.”

The former Professional Writing course coordinator at Adelaide College of the Arts used her time working with TAFE SA art students as inspiration. She’s got an eye for the weird and wonderful and a few of the students are now suppliers.

“Some are people have literally walked in off the street after seeing there’s a new gallery in town,” she says. “I really welcome them.”

Their creations share shelf space with rediscovered treasures and visual art. Fleming is keen to share the stories behind the makers.

“One of our artists, Monique Smith, is a nurse,” Fleming says. “She is part of a church craft group and is so versatile. She does textiles, eco-dyed prints and cushions. All hand-printed.”

There’s also David Jobling, who takes photographs of local scenery and has them printed on scarves and bags. Cameron Fleming [no relation] is a lawyer with a thing for making unique kiln-fired glass plants and wonky wine glasses. When she’s not leading ghost tours, Amy Batchelor makes large-scale mosaics, and Anja Jagsch uses stints working on rural stations and fruit farms as inspiration. Think earrings made from re-used windmill blades, bush fly wings and rings crafted using silver-cast cherry pips.

It all makes for an intriguing shopping experience.

“People come in and go out with that one special thing,” Fleming says. “They leave so happy about it.”

Wunderkammer Gallery Gifts
Level 1, 129 Currie Street, Adelaide
0407 711 667

Mon to Fri 9.30am–6pm
Sat 12pm–6pm