Four local makers have banded together in a space that’s a vehicle for their individual businesses and a reflection of their shared aesthetic.

The shop, workshop, studio, gallery and event space houses ethical fashion designer Anny Duff of Good Studios, plant stylist Emma Sadie Thomson and Beccy Bromilow (AKA B.B. Shoemaker). It is also the permanent studio for Naomi Keyte’s Joyoga.

There’s a defined synergy between the brands, which Keyte describes as an “interweaving of values”. Every item crafted in the workshop or sold in the shop is South Australian-made – from leather goods to ceramic pots to men’s, women’s and unisex clothing.

Duff previously operated her own design studio, which doubled as the venue for Joyoga. In December the pair was joined by Bromilow and Thomson for a Christmas retail pop-up. “We just didn't want it to end,” says Duff, who set about searching for a site the four could share long-term.

There were a few prerequisites: ground level, good parking, lots of natural light and a location from where they could embed themselves in the local community.

Perhaps it was her background in film that allowed Duff to picture the potential in the drab corner office they now occupy. “It was pretty gross,” she admits. The others took a little convincing.

The four overhauled the interior themselves, refitting to accommodate their individual businesses. Walls were painted, floors were ground and polished and window tinting was stripped. “I think the landlord was pretty impressed,” says Duff. “I hope I never see another carpet nail again. Ever,” adds Bromilow.

The result is a beautifully calming space that captures the mood of the “slow retail” movement. It’s a chance for the makers to connect, or re-connect, with their clients face-to-face.

94 Gilles Street, Adelaide