Toast With La Popular Taqueria

Sun 17th October, 2021
Adelaide 5000
Price: $49.50
The next round of Loc’s boozy brunch series features “divorced eggs”, “impossible cake” and horchata from La Popular Taqueria's Daniella Guevara. Plus, coffee and natural wines.

After previous visits from Emma McCaskill, Africola’s Lauren Southwell and Golden Boy’s Jenny Kim, Loc’s boozy brunch series continues this weekend with guest chef Daniella Guevara of La Popular Taqueria.

Expect huevos divorciados (divorced eggs), two fried eggs on shallow fried tortillas served with salsa roja and salsa verde and refried beans; pastel impossible (impossible cake), a chocolate cake with creme caramel for dessert; and horchata, made with blitzed raw rice, cinnamon and condensed milk. (Each visiting chef presents two dishes – a savoury and a sweet – and a non-alcoholic drink.)

Other drink options include espresso and filter coffee and magnums of natural wine selected by Loc owner Olivia Moore.

“I think, this not being a restaurant and having fairly basic food options, I like the fact that it’s making the venue a different thing,” Moore told Broadsheet back in May. “It’s so nice to have people who know what they’re doing come in with such a formed idea and just take the reins and then I can do the wine bit. It just works.”

Given the tiny set-up (the Loc kitchen consists of an induction cooktop) the team won’t be able to cater to dietaries.

For Moore, the series, which is organised by Kate Richards (of Share Dinners), is an opportunity to build on the community she’s nurtured since opening Loc late last year, and bring a more lively, communal vibe to a meal that's often a quick, transactional experience.

"It’s [usually] like ‘sit-down, have a coffee, do the thing and then leave’,” says Moore. “Whereas I think this will hopefully be a lot more, ‘sit down, relax, chat’ ... because it’s quite a communal space and Adelaide is Adelaide and everyone knows everyone, I’m hoping it will be really social and intimate and more of a thing, rather than what you do when you’re a bit hungover.”

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