Summertime Madness Plant Sale

Sat 26th January, 2019 – Sun 27th January, 2019
Plant 3 (next to Plant 4)
Third St, Bowden
Stock up on a range of plants, including some rare gems.

The Jungle Collective is holding a summer plant sale, with more than 200 species to choose from including philodendrons, calatheas, unicorn plants and Persian shields. Previous sales have included fiddle-leaf figs, monsteras, devil's ivy, mother in law’s tongue and plenty of hanging plants.

You can also chat to a horticulturist about your specific plant needs or receive style inspiration to help you incorporate your plants into your home. Designer pots will be available, too.

Come dressed up in at least two items of beach attire – inflatables, bathers, towels, sunnies and hats – for $5 off your purchase.

Planning to buy up big? You may want to bring a box to carry your plants home in – there will only be a limited number on-site.

The sale runs from 8am to 4pm on Saturday and 10am to 2pm on Sunday. RVSPs are essential. Register here and keep an eye on the Facebook event for more details.

This will be the Jungle Collective's last sale in Plant 3 before relocating to a new site.