Food Symposium Grow is Coming to Adelaide

Mon 21st October, 2019
131-139 King William Street Adelaide 5000
Price: $70
A day of food and wine talks from some of the most forward-thinking minds in the industry.

After hosting successful conferences in Melbourne and Sydney, Grow Assembly will make its way to Adelaide for a day of TED-style talks and workshops hosted by seasoned hospitality leaders.

The team, comprising co-founders Meira Harel (currently serving as Leigh Street Wine Room's rockstar sommelier) and Banjo Harris Plane (former co-owner of Melbourne's Bar Liberty and Capitano) and Kylie Javier-Ashton (restaurant manager at Sydney's Momofuku Seiōbo) will assemble some of the most forward-thinking minds in the industry to discuss the past, present and future of food, wine and hospitality in Australia.

This year the theme is Finding Balance – whether it be balancing your creative output with financial success, balancing your work life with your personal, finding equilibrium in your niche, or the idea of balance as it pertains to food or wine.

Speakers will discuss a wide range of topics, designed to inspire and educate food and hospo professionals. Guests will hear from: Emma Aiston (Daniel-Emma), Lucien Alperstein (Son of Dot, fermentation expert), Nicci Bugeja and Maria Rosella (Lucia’s Pizza & Spaghetti Bar), Simon Bugeja & Emma Bugeja (Lucia’s Charcuterie & Fine Foods Shop), Gill Gordon-Smith (Fall From Grace), Daniels Langeberg (EcoCaddy & Mâché), Steve Pannell (S.C. Pannell Wines), Sali Sasi (entrepreneur, co-owner Leigh Street Wine Room), Izzy Pearce (Fresh Sprouts Yoga), Ashley Ratcliffe (Ricca Terra Farm), Nick Ryan (wine writer), Barbara Santich (author, academic, food historian) and Matthew Waltner-Toews (Unspun Honey).

There will also be lunch by Africola and Soi 38 and drinks by Mismatch Brewing, Applewood Spirits, Mila Coffee and Strangelove.