Glenfiddich x Maybe Mae’s Evolving Cocktail: Terroir

Sat 1st May, 2021 – Tue 31st August, 2021
15 Peel Street Adelaide 5000
Glenfiddich and Maybe Mae have created a custom cocktail that changes over time.

There’s some strange kind of alchemy going on at Maybe Mae in Adelaide’s CBD. The bar has teamed up with Glenfiddich to create a signature drink, the Maybe Mae Terroir, that evolves over time.

We should explain. In spring 2020, the team at Maybe Mae harvested honey and native wattle in the Adelaide Hills’ Basket Range, allowing them to ferment over six months to create a mead. Then they visited the Barossa Valley, where they doubtless had a lot of fun sampling the various Seppeltsfield dry sherries before creating their own blend.

At the neighbouring cooperage YN Oak, where hand-tooled barrels are made, the team had a custom solera built. This small pyramid of barrels – or trio – allows for a method whereby the sherry is drawn from the oldest barrel and topped up through the younger barrels. This creates a gradual increase in age and complexity.

Added to the sherries were the mead created from honey and native wattle, and then the third component – Glenfiddich’s Solera single malt. As this matures in its own custom made barrel trio on the bar, the blend will evolve over the weeks and on through the year, as different nectar is added to it.

To taste it for yourself, head to Maybe Mae before the end of May – and order the Terroir chilled and neat.

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This is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Glenfiddich.