Clever Little Cheese Club

Fri 1st May, 2020 – Mon 31st August, 2020
Get quarterly (or monthly) drops of South Australian cheese – delivered to your door – with this just-launched cheese club.

Woodside Cheese Wrights is an Adelaide Hills-based cheesemonger that hand makes its products with locally sourced milk.

It’s just launched the brand-new Clever Little Cheese Club (CLCC), which will deliver the good stuff to you monthly or quarterly – depending on your level of self-control.

While the team continued to make as much cheese as it could during the pandemic, it was still left with some excess milk. But there was no use crying over it, says director Kris Lloyd. The leftovers were used to make Spilt Milk, a new SA goat’s cheese that’s been washed in cider from Adelaide brewpub Sparkke at the Whitmore and left to mature for a few months. The full-flavoured cheese will be available exclusively to members of CLCC.

The quarterly packs ($80) come with six cheeses: Spilt Milk, Woodside’s famous Goat Curd, Buffalo Persian Feta, an ash-rolled goat’s-milk cheese, a classic brie, crackers and a mystery cheese. The monthly packs ($75) include Spilt Milk, brie, a white-wine-washed cheese, and Persian feta.

Members will receive new releases, one-offs and – on the odd occasion – experimental cheeses so they can give feedback.

More information here.