Being on the road all year, comedians and other stage performers get to know Australia's capital cities pretty well. Adelaide is no exception. We checked in with a few Fringe acts to see where they look forward to eating and drinking when they're in town.

Hannah Gadsby When the comedian isn’t perched at Sit Lo (“I believe pho holds the key to Fringe survival”) you’ll find her at Tuxedo Cat. “There are always really interesting shows and happenings, and the venue itself is always a work in progress so that always adds up to an unpredictable experience,” she says. Gadsby also has a thing for the Art Gallery of South Australia. “Nick Mitzevich has turned this gem of a collection into a gem of an experience.”

Tom Ballard Ballard has consumed about 8000 burritos at Rundle Street’s Zambrero, but for something special he heads to Andre's Cucina. “They organise vegetarian banquets that make me sweat with exhaustion and delight,” he says. When it’s time to party he heads to Gouger Street’s Mars Bar. “That's where my last boyfriend and I decided that we were going to be boyfriends. Plus the drag queens are terrifying there. It's exhilarating.”

Justin Hamilton Hamilton enjoys wine and cheese at La Buvette and hanging out at Frome Street comedy haunt Rhino Room. “Now they have The Howling Owl cafe downstairs, I really have no reason to leave that establishment,” he says. He’s also been known to hit the ’burbs. “The cafes along Queen Street in Croydon are just out of the city and have a wide range of choice,” he says. “Once upon a time it felt like my little secret. Now if you're not careful you have to line up for a table.”

Tom Gleeson For this funnyman it’s Amalfi Pizzeria Ristorante every time. “I walk out of the Rundle Street car park every year and the garlic aromas waft through the air, reminding me to revisit my first great dining experience in Adelaide,” he says. Port Willunga’s seaside views also float his boat. “It’s the summer holiday I have every year after my summer holiday. The freeway goes in both directions now, too, which feels very decadent.”

Nick Cody Melbourne-based comic and podcaster Nick Cody also rates Rhino Room – home to Adelaide Comedy – because it allows him to drink with people he works with. “My favourite place to eat is any 24-hour bakery, because 24-HOUR BAKERY,” he says. “I get a pie floater followed by a vanilla slice. The classic Adelaide staple is even better at 4am. I'm 28. I do what I want.”

Matt Okine Hang around Adelaide Central Market long enough and you’ll spot this comedian and triple j breakfast presenter. “I'm all about the taste testing,” he says. “I call it 'the thinking man's degustation tour'.” You’ll also find him at The Exeter on Rundle Street. “Last time I was in town, Suffa [from Hilltop Hoods] and his wife came along to my show and we had too many beers at the Exeter. He was going on tour the next morning and forgot to set his alarm and very nearly missed his flight.”

Vicky Falconer-Pritchard The East End Cabaret performer likes brunch at East End Providore, Sad Cafe and The Big Table at the Central Market. She and a bunch of performer mates also converge on The Original Pancake Kitchen. “You never know when it's going to happen but it will happen,” she says. “Whoever turns up last has to order the pancake with mince meat on it. It's happened to me once. Never again.”

Lee Naimo Axis of Awesome’s Naimo can’t go past Rundle Street’s Zambrero and Taj Tandoor. “Once we ate way too much just before a gig. It's not a great look to burp in the middle of a song but the food is worth it,” he says. “I also love getting some takeaway beers from a local bottle shop and drinking them by the sculpture of the pig eating from the bin in Rundle Mall; to commemorate the time that some pigs escaped and ate from a bin.”

Juan Vesuvius Venezuelan calypso DJ Juan Vesuvius (aka Barnie Duncan) also rates Taj Tandoor. “Chutney is a very special hallucinogenic kind of magic that makes you travel to the most beautiful places,” he says. “And they give you papadums with it, like fans, to cool you down after a hot taste of the good times.”

Le Gateau Chocolat The larger-than-life performer known as La Gateau Chocolat heads to Press* Food and Wine for first-class cuisine and service, and also enjoys a quiet moment in Palace Nova cinema. His recommendation is “Drinking a hot tea, watching whatever is on in a usually empty cinema to escape the mayhem and heat of the Fringe.” That said, he’ll never forget the time he had a cheap bun from Bread Top. “Not only was it delicious, it took me back to this bakery in Nigeria that made the same thing. That was almost 25 years ago. A taste I'd forgotten.”

Amelia Ryan Class cabaret act Ryan highly rates Ruby Red Flamingo. “Once you’ve enjoyed a cocktail or two in the upstairs bar, head downstairs for awesome service, quaint and quirky atmosphere – with super-cute dinnerware – and, most importantly, divine food,” she says. “The polenta, complete with oozing cheese, is the best. Oh, and the ragu.” She also loves Peel Street’s Gondola Gondola and the degustation lunch at McLaren Vale’s d'Arry’s Verandah.

Adelaide Fringe runs until March 14, 2016.