What began as a weird and wonderful “fringe of the Fringe” back in 2008 has become an annual highlight on Adelaide’s arts calendar.

Each year Format Collective unearths Adelaide’s underground artists, musicians and creatives for a festival of experimental art, zines, performance, discussion and more.

Artist Dominique Keeley has co-curated this year’s festival with the collective. "The broad ethos of the festival is one of weirdness but also of joy and experimentation," she says. "Towns like Adelaide really need this wonderful weirdness to survive."

Now in its second year at Hindley Street, the festival will feature an eclectic music program including The Basty H Yuletide Ensemble, Pat Telfer (Old Mate) and the darkest choir in town, Choral Grief. There will also be “spooky” comedy and a fashion show featuring models dressed as horses. Why not?

Format’s new pop-up cafe Augnablik (formerly Parsec) will be on hand with drinks and treats to fuel the party.

A highlight of the festival is a two-day market inspired by the old Brickworks Market (which operated from 1983 to 2013) featuring vintage clothes from SWOP clothing exchange, “vulgar airbrush tattoos”, “questionable t-shirts”, “tasteless motivational posters”, lucky dips and more.

"The Brickworks were so Adelaide," Keeley says. "It’s a place that’s so embedded in the memories of a lot of Adelaidians, but no one's really sure if they’re good memories. I really like that. Everyone knew it was crap but everyone really loved that. I think that really sums up the Adelaide sense of humour."

Format Festival runs from December 16 to 23 at Format. See the event page for the full program.