Travelling music series The Porch Sessions will swap the stoop for the stage in July for the coolest winter session yet.

Ten acts, including Jesse Davidson, Bjear, Delia Obst and Dom Symes, will play an ode to US folk group Bon Iver (named after the French phrase for “good winter”) at the Grace Emily Hotel.

“We’ve never held a Porch Session in a venue like this, so it’s a bit of a dream come true,” says founder Sharni Honor. “The Grace is such an institution, famous for supporting live music like this.”

Porch Sessions regulars Timberwolf, The Winter Gypsy and Ollie English are also on the bill. “The artists in the line-up have become something like a porch family,” says Honor. “[This event] all started with [our] mutual love for Bon Iver’s music. In fact, it was going to one of their shows six years ago that got me into the music scene and organising these events.”

It seems Adelaide owes a lot to the American band in that case. So go and raise a glass to support our talented, travelling porch family.

Good Winter is on Wednesday July 19 at 7pm at the Grace Emily Hotel. Tickets are available online.