If you didn’t catch the aerial circus Place des Anges at Womad over the weekend we trust you caught a glimpse on Instagram. The show-stopping nightly performance from French company Gratte Ciel flooded social media – and Botanic Park – with white feathers.

Some were concerned about animal welfare and nearby asthma sufferers (more on this here) as well as the aftermath, which looked like a cat tore through a few thousand pigeons. But few could deny the masterly display of the high-altitude performance, which cast stunning shadows on the towering trees, and the climactic featherstorm that reduced nearly every adult in its radius to giddy and giggly children (this writer included).

But it wasn’t all flying French angels; this year’s Womad featured a top-notch selection of global music, dance, food and roving performers and the return of Architects of Air's inflatable labyrinth. As the feathers settle on the park (and adjacent suburbs) let’s look back at it.