Topping 1223 events across 442 venues, this year’s Fringe program is the biggest yet. It’s a helluva lot to wade through. We’ve already shared our picks of the bunch to help guide your decision; now here are more highlights, selected by those on the frontline.

Visit with Nan in a Caravan, Joel Creasey (Blonde Bombshell)

“I saw this show in Melbourne and it is absolutely brilliant and a complete Fringe ‘experience’. So incredibly funny.”

Double Denim, Damian Callinan (Swing Man)

“In preparation for bringing my new show Swing Man to Adelaide, I was polishing my Australian Jitterbug Championship newcomer's runner-up medal and I thought, you know what other shiny thing I’d love to have on my mantel piece: Double Denim. I then realised that was selfish … and that they wouldn’t fit so I decided to recommend their show so everyone can enjoy them.”

We Live by the Sea, Anya Anastasia (The Executioners, Rogue Romantic)

“I saw this show on the last day of Fringe last year and I was moved to tears. I adore this story that really captures in one hour, the absolute most vital bit of being human: empathy. It is a show that reminds you to be open to seeing the world through another's eyes. Every time I see good theatre it blows my mind how one little hour can deeply effect how you perceive the world around you.

“Also, Djuki Mala – love these guys, they were in Edinburgh too while I was there, and they blew everyone away with this show, and sharing this exciting cultural phenomenon from Australia. Unique, infectious, high-energy exuberant, fusing traditional Yolngu, pop culture, dance storytelling to create work that is a marvel of timing, comedy clowning, with a hefty dose of heart and soul!”

Jelly or Jam, Gravity & Other Myths (A Simple Space)

“Our insider tip for this year's Adelaide Fringe is to check out Jelly or Jam, a rocking new show for kids created by some of the [Gravity and other Myths] team. The show is super creative and features a giant block of jelly – wobbly, jiggly and strong enough to stand on. Led by interviews with kids and acrobatics with actual jelly, we reckon the show will inspire people, young and old, to ask 'what makes you, you?’”

Everything, Carla Lippis (Midnight Marauders, Baby Carla’s Bad Girl Rumble, Carla Lippis)

“Some of my favourites are Le Gateau Chocolat and Johnny Woo's A Night at the Musicals; Fringe Wive's Club's Glittery Clittery – a conSENSUAL Party; Malia Walsh's Can't Face; Trygve Wakenshaw and Barney Duncan's Different Party; and later in the season is debonair French superstar Marcel Lucont curating his own Whine List.”

Adelaide Fringe runs until March 18. For more information visit