In 1970 New York DJ David Mancuso turned his downtown Manhattan loft into a private club. The Loft became a weekly, invite-only party series with disco as its soundtrack.

"They laid the blueprint for the modern club space and revolutionised dance spaces completely," says local DJ Oliver Graham. He and brother Lewis are bringing The Loft to Adelaide with the first installment of Take Me To Paradise on Saturday May 26.

The duo behind Paradise Loft Soundsystem and noted record collectors aim to encapsulate the spirit of Mancuso’s parties by “remov[ing] social barriers and allow[ing] people to be lost in the music,” says Oliver.

“That's what we want this party to be: everyone just coming together for a good time."

The pair has kept busy after the closure of their Regent Arcade record store Paradise Loft – named after Mancuso’s Loft and the subsequently inspired NY nightclub Paradise Garage – in 2017. Together they run specialist disco, funk, soul and jazz record fairs at various Adelaide locations. Oliver has also released an electro-soul EP under his producer moniker, Olmos, and they are both in the process of launching a record label.

In collaboration with fellow DJ and prolific party planner Mark Kamleh, they will transform Chateau Apollo into a flash-in-the-pan disco party. “It’ll be like creating a brief oasis,” says Lewis. “You’ll look into it the next day and it will be an empty room. It’s about creating that perfect moment.”

The brothers don’t want to reveal too much about how the space will look but promise it will be "unrecognisable". We’re told to expect a "fuck-load” of balloons.

Adelaide-based digital radio station Groundfloor Radio will live-stream the DJ sets, which will feature Joe Boy (Ground Floor Radio), Fantastic Black Plastic (Disco Is Not A Dirty Word) and Paradise Loft Soundsystem.

In keeping with the spirit of The Loft, the brothers are trying to explore party spaces other than clubs. “We’re trying to find an alternative for an evening … we’re trying to build Adelaide.” And they’re going to prove why disco parties still matter.

For more information head to the Facebook page. Tickets are $15 at the door.