Following a transition committee meeting this morning, new rules for density arrangements in South Australian venues will come into effect on Thursday.

For all seated activities – that is, in all hospitality venues, theatres, cinemas and churches – capacity will move from 50 per cent to 75 per cent, or three people per four square metres. Patrons must be seated for all food and beverage consumption.

For all standing activities – such as football matches and retail businesses – capacity remains at 50 per cent, or one person per two square metres. Gyms and other indoor fitness centres, meanwhile, remain at 25 per cent capacity, or one person per four square metres.

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There are no changes to caps on home gatherings, which are currently limited to 10 people. There are, however, changes to private gatherings outside the home. In addition to 50-person caps for wedding and funeral services, you can now host private gatherings for up to 50 people outside the home – in places such as public parks or function centres – for birthdays, wedding receptions and wakes.

There are no changes to mask advice. Masks remain mandatory in indoor public spaces, in high-risk settings, in health and aged care, and in personal-care settings such as hairdressers and beauty salons.

“We have an ongoing, significant risk from New South Wales,” police commissioner Grant Stevens said in a press conference.

“These changes we’re putting into effect now will probably be with us until we see traction with the vaccine rollout.”

For the latest advice, visit SA Health.