Under the current rules, metro-based taxis and rideshare services like Uber, Go Catch, Ola and Shebah can take passengers to regions like the Adelaide Hills from the city, but they must obtain an additional licence to pick up passengers within the regions once they’re there.

Residents have been calling out for changes to this rule, campaigning against the lack of taxis available in the area, as well as limited public transport.

Now relief is on the horizon. SA transport minister Corey Wingard told a public meeting hosted by the South Australian Transport Action Group that the 30-year-old metropolitan boundary for point-to-point services would be addressed before Christmas.

“These changes will mean that metropolitan-based point-to-point operators will be able to choose to provide services to outer-urban and regional customers within this expanded boundary if they wish,” he said, according to The Advertiser.

From December, the boundary will be expanded to include the Adelaide Hills and Mount Barker council regions. It means more services will be available to residents in those areas during the busy holiday season – and no additional licence will be required to accept ride requests.

It’ll be welcome news to the businesses operating in the areas, meaning more visitors can confidently book rideshare services to the city after visiting Hills wineries and restaurants.