Following a four-week pilot program during Fringe, Lime’s scooter permit has been extended for another month.

The Californian company was initially granted a temporary permit by the state government to operate in the CBD until March 17.

Adelaide City Council is now drafting up a six-month permit for two providers to operate in Adelaide once Lime’s extended trial period ends, the Advertiser reports. Lime will still have to apply for the new permit.

The green dockless scooters have been embraced by Adelaide. As of last week around 50,000 trips had been taken by more than 18,000 riders, the Advertiser reports.

But the scooters have also been the cause of safety concerns after a spate of crashes in several cities. Brisbane City Council recently threatened to revoke Lime’s permit after a series of injuries caused by a technical glitch that causes the front wheel to randomly lock up. Lime’s operation in Auckland and Dunedin was temporarily halted last month because of the issue.

Lime’s director of government affairs and strategy, Mitchell Price, told the Brisbane Times the company was aware of the issue. After decommissioning every scooter in Brisbane that was affected it rolled out a firmware update that has since resulted in “a material reduction in the number of incidents reported of this nature.”

A similar injury was reported in Adelaide last month.

But Adelaide City councillor Alexander Hyde told the Advertiser the month-long trial has been a “success”, “despite some scratches and bruises”. “It has really been about busting congestion in the city.”