At 6pm last night, South Australia entered a seven-day statewide lockdown.

That means people are only allowed to leave their home for five permitted reasons:
• Shopping for food or other essential items;
• Exercise, including walking a pet, and only with people from the same household;
• Essential work if you can’t work from home;
• Caregiving;
• Medical reasons, including to get tested or vaccinated.

Masks are mandatory indoors in shared public spaces. Exercise is limited to 90 minutes and a 2.5-kilometre radius from your home. (Or within 2.5 kilometres of your work if you exercise immediately before or after your shift.)

One option is to plug your proposed destination into Google Maps to see how far away it is. But there are also online tools that let you map a circle around your home.

The RonaRadius app lets you plug in your address, then add a destination to see if it’s close enough to visit. (Just remember to change the default 25-kilometre radius to 2.5.)

And the website KM From Home lets you plug in your address so you can see which areas are within two kilometres. (If you put in 2.5 it rounds up to three, so use best judgement.)

Additional reporting by Daniela Frangos.