From 6pm Tuesday July 20, South Australia entered a seven-day statewide lockdown to contain a local outbreak of Covid-19.

“We have confirmation in the last half hour that this is the Delta variant we’re dealing with here in South Australia. For those reasons, we’re extremely concerned about developments,” Premier Steven Marshall said.

These are the stay at home rules and regulations all South Australians must adhere to.

How long will it last?
The restrictions apply from 6pm on Tuesday July 20 and are expected to last until Tuesday July 27.

What can and can’t I do?
The seven-day stay-at-home order means you can only go out for five reasons:

  • to provide care or for compassionate reasons;
  • for essential work;
  • for the purchase of essential goods (see below for what is regarded as essential);
  • for medical reasons, including vaccinations and testing;
  • for exercise, limited to 90 minutes per day, within 2.5 kilometres of your home and with people from the same household only.

Masks must be worn in shared indoor public places, on public transport, at health care services and in high risk settings such as residential aged care facilities. They must also be worn outside in public spaces if you cannot physically distance.

Update: A single person over the age of 16, who does not live with a partner is now able to visit another person (including a friend, relative, support person or a person they are in a relationship with) if:

  • The single person is the only person in the house at the time at the visit; or
  • The single person is a sole parent and the only other people present in the single person’s home at time of the visit are children; or
  • The people were in a relationship prior to the stay at home direction.

What is closed?
Restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, food courts and other food venues will close but are able to sell food and drink to takeaway.

Schools and childcare centres will close, except for vulnerable children and children of essential workers. Universities will close. Weddings and funerals are banned, home inspections and auctions are halted, and elective surgeries are put on hold, with the exception of urgent operations. The construction industry will shut, as will holiday homes and other accomodation.

What are considered essential reasons for leaving your house?

You can leave the house to visit these services and business:

• Supermarkets, fruit and vegetable stores, butchers and fishmongers. Indoor and outdoor markets are also open for the sale of groceries (not prepared meals) only.
• Restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes and wineries for takeaway food and drink only.
• Bottle shops.
• A financial institution.
• Post offices, pharmacies, hardware stores, petrol stations, pet stores, veterinary clinics and vehicle mechanical services.
• Essential medical services. That includes Covid-19 test facilities and vaccination centres.

Only one person per household per day may leave the premises for the above reasons, unless accompanied by a dependant or a person for whom they provide care.

For the full list of essential workers, see the SA government website. For a list of current exposure sites visit SA Health

This article was updated on Thursday July 22 to reflect SAPOL's amendments to the stay at home directions.