As of 12.01am this morning, South Australia has entered six days of restrictions, which Premier Steven Marshall says will act as a “circuit breaker” to avoid a second wave of Covid-19. This will be followed by a further week of limitations to curb the outbreak of coronavirus infections stemming from the Parafield cluster.

“We’re going hard and we’re going early,” Marshall said in a press conference on Wednesday. “Time is of the essence. We must act swiftly and decisively to stay ahead of the game.”

These are the stay at home rules and regulations all South Australian must adhere to.

How long will it last
The current restrictions apply from 12.01am on Thursday November 19 to at 12:01am on Wednesday November 25.

What can and can’t I do?
No one is allowed to leave their home for six days, other than one person, per house, per day, who can go out for the purposes of obtaining essential goods or services (see below for what is regarded as essential). You are able to walk to the shops to get essential items and services, and you are also allowed to take your dog.

You are not able to leave your home to visit your partner who lives at a different house.

There has been some confusion around masks, with yesterday the government saying they were mandatory. This is not the case: people are advised and encouraged to wear face masks when they leave their homes, rather than it being compulsory. It's best to wear a mask when physical distancing of 1.5m cannot be observed, for example if on public transport.

You aren't allowed to leave your house for exercise, be it indoor or outdoor, and all outdoor sports and physical activity is not allowed.

People must not travel within the state, including to their holiday homes.

What is closed?
Restaurants, cafes, pubs, food courts and other food venues such as takeaway shops are now closed.

Schools have closed, except for vulnerable children and children of essential workers. Childcare facilities are closed, but children of essential workers are excluded. Universities are also closed.

The construction industry must shut down for the duration of the lockdown. Weddings and funerals are banned, home inspections and auctions are halted, and elective surgeries are put on hold, with the exception for urgent operations.

What are considered essential reasons for leaving your house?
One person per household can leave once a day to buy groceries. That person can be accompanied by a dependant or a person for whom they provide care and who cannot be left home alone.

You can leave the house to visit these services and business:

• Supermarkets, fruit and vegetable stores, butchers and fishmongers (indoor or outdoor markets are not considered essential).
• Bottle shops.
• A financial institution.
• Post offices, pharmacies, hardware stores, petrol stations, pet stores, veterinary clinics and vehicle mechanical services.
• Essential medical and dental clinics. That includes Covide-19 test facilities.
• To access childcare services, or primary or secondary education for a child if: the child is a child of an essential worker; or the child resides in the care of the state; or there are circumstances of vulnerability determined by a government agency, and education or care outside the family home is considered necessary.

For the full details, see South Australia police Covid-19 stay at home restrictions here, and the SA government site here.