Walk the Talk Kitchen and Catering


outdoor area

Ali Seedsman spent almost 30 years in the restaurant business, bouncing be-tween Sydney and Adelaide, before deciding to leave the rat race behind. Now she's cooking on her own terms on a quiet, beautiful corner of the Hills at Walk the Talk.

Seedsman is a caterer by trade, and quite a generous one at that, so she knows how to keep a large number of bellies full. Her catering packages provide plenty, not just enough. If there are unused ingredients at the end of the day, you’ll find them put to good use in her cosy cafe and restaurant.

Though you're more than welcome to pop into Walk the Talk and take away from a large selection of home-style, pre-prepared meals (from laksa to potato bake), the best way to experience Walk the Talk is by taking a seat in the rural outdoor setting, among trees and rustic ornaments, and ordering a few different plates. Try the lemongrass braised short ribs or pork belly with green mango as you lis-ten to magpies calling and grass rustling in the nearby paddocks.

As the name suggests, Walk the Talk is all about honesty. There’s no pretension or flourish here, just wholesome food and happy stomachs.