Nettle & Knead

7:00am - 4:00pm
84 Duthy Street Malvern 5061



After five years baking with his dad at Wild Loaf, James Katsarelias got frustrated with the Central Market’s lease agreement – it only allowed them to make bread.

He and wife Katharine opened Nettle & Knead in 2016, to start making pastry. They offer simple meals, sweets and Caffee Da Mitolo coffee from their warm family filled space. Alongside the bread, of course.

European baking techniques are what matters here. All the products use a sourdough starter as their only leavening agent; nothing pre-packaged. Katsarelias is always tweaking the recipes and trying to improve the standard.

He also invents his own. Wild Loaf devotees will find plenty of new additions here, including wheat-free spelt and rye. All the products are created from scratch using organic ingredients. Don’t miss the crunchy lamb sausage rolls.