Monday’s Coffee Store

Monday’s Coffee Store

7:00am - 5:00pm
7/38 Gawler Place Adelaide 5000

There’s no “still or sparkling?” at Monday’s. It’s always sparkling, on tap and brought to you without request. It’s provided to cleanse the palate before your coffee, and it’s the first sign that you’re in good hands.

This decisive attitude defines the no-nonsense location owner Jarrad Sharrock settled on after seeing two images online. As he says, it wasn’t so much the area that mattered but the blank space.

And he knows how to use it. Having worked in Melbourne with respected roasters Market Lane and Everyday Coffee, Sharrock brought his knowledge back to his hometown of Adelaide. Candyman beans from Small Batch are the house blend, with supporting roles rotating between Seven Seeds, Coffee Supreme, Long Miles, Monastery and a bunch of other respected coffee roasters.

Assembly provides the tea, with Mörk on drinking chocolate and Abbots and Kinney delivering the pastries. There's also a small, plant-centric menu which revolves around eggs, toast and sandwiches.



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