Hey Jupiter

7:00am - 9:30pm
11 Ebenezer Place Adelaide 5000

After migrating from Melbourne to Adelaide, Jacqui Lodge and Christophe Zauner set about realising their Parisian cafe dream. They greet every guest at Hey Jupiter with a cheery “bonjour” – it’s no wonder the place has been constantly abuzz since opening in 2012.

Taking advantage of the government grants to “re-beautify” the shop-front in early 2015, the duo retiled the facade to resemble a Paris Metro station.

Inside, the pot-plant-laden, retro-lit, teeny tiny interior has a relaxed warmth. Sit back with a French newspaper in hand and watch what comes out of the space, which isn’t much bigger than the average bedroom.

Hey Jupiter has your Parisian breakfast and lunch cravings covered. There are house-roasted meats (including some of the best pork belly in town), baguettes, croissants and other delicate pastries. Thankfully the coffee (Five Senses) is better than you’d expect from the City of Light.

If you’re feeling celebratory, call for some French cheese and Champagne.