Flinders Street Project


open early

Look up from your latte at The Flinders Street Project, and you’ll be greeted by 10,000 wooden spoons arranged artfully above your head. Artist Megan Roodenrys created the striking piece as a soundproofing solution to the venue’s original acoustics.

Wooden spoons are also used behind the scenes, to help create the scrolls, croissants, danishes and bread baked in the 990-kilogram stone pastry oven from the 1970s.

The other dishes move beyond the usual cafe fare and incorporate a variety of cultures. The breakfast menu includes options such as chilli scrambled eggs with crispy shallots and Asian herbs; and mushroom ragu with poached eggs, kale and labneh.

For lunch there’s a housemade lamb, couscous and almond sausage rolls; and coconut-poached chicken with Chinese cabbage. Otherwise try an oven-fresh baguette served with fillings such as pork meatball, tomato sugo and fennel; and prosciutto, provolone and roast cherry tomato.

Coffee is by local roaster Veneziano. There’s also a range of cold-pressed juices, housemade sparkling cordial and breakfast cocktails.