E for Ethel



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E for Ethel is a cafe and gift shop that combines homeliness of your grandma's house with the handmade goodness of Etsy. Owners Amanda Matulick and Daniel Harland wanted to create a space that was friendly and approachable for all ages and thought a classic nanna name such as Ethel would do the trick. That sentiment continues into the drinks list, with juices named Walter, Peggy and Beryl.

The menu is everything-friendly, with kid-friendly, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and raw options all available. Coffee comes from local roaster De Groot and tea from the Barossa Valley via Scullery Made.

The menu includes bagels with roast pumpkin and hummus; grilled haloumi on crumpets with spinach and mushroom; scones with jam and cream; and the Awesome Toastie with ham, cheese, tomato relish and a secret recipe aioli.

Despite a fresh facelift in 2016, the cafe has retained its homely vibe. The walls are lined with a range of cushions, necklaces, tote bags, tea towels, prints, earrings and kids’ clothes that are all handmade, Australian and available for purchase. So, harness all of your browsing skills and test them in the charmingly offline world of E for Ethel, complete with coffee and conversation.