Devour Cafe Patisserie


open early

If the first bite is with the eye, one glance at Devour Cafe Patisserie’s Instagram feed should sate even the strongest sugar craving. Most days the cafe posts pictures of extravagant filled doughnuts, novelty macarons, made-to-order cakes and more. And in reality, Devour delivers (although not literally, sorry).

Breakfast and brunch choices on the static menu are available all day, and old faithfuls such as eggs on toast are top-notch. Lunch specials are hand-written on a wall-mounted brown paper scroll, evolving with the seasons.

The pasta plates are great any day of the week, as is the yoghurt panna cotta for something a little sweeter. Take heed of the cafe’s minimalist interior and leave room for dessert though, because that’s where Devour really takes the cake.

This is owner Quang Nguyen’s second venture under the Devour banner. The Richmond cafe arguably one-ups the original Prospect dessert bar, thanks to its diversity of dishes, updated aesthetics and almost peerless positioning in a semi-industrial suburb.

Get there early while the front counter’s still decked with fresh pastries, and try the staple maple-bacon or caramel-popcorn doughnuts to hit that salty-sweet spot.

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