Coffee Branch

7:00am - 4:00pm
32 Leigh Street Adelaide 5000


free wi-fi
outdoor area

There are few venues whose real and genuine love for coffee permeates their identity as strongly as Coffee Branch. It’s “the little espresso bar that could” and, in many ways, propelled the local scene into its current burgeoning phase.

Opened in 2010 by Josh Baker (co-owner of Larry and Ladd, Clever Little Tailor and Pink Moon Saloon), the Leigh Street spot is a modern redressing of the classic espresso bar concept.

Uncomplicated and straight-shooting, Coffee Branch has always been upfront about what’s on offer. There’s no slow food, no long lunches and no fancy brewing knick-knacks. The hulking Synesso runs a house blend courtesy of Five Senses, as well as seasonal single origins.

Pastries and a few light-lunch options are served (the truffled eggplant toastie is highly recommended), with pastry outfit Abbots and Kinney playing a longstanding support gig on Friday mornings.

Staff members arrange themselves on both sides of the counter to facilitate smooth flow and speedy service, handling the peak periods (of which there are many) with ease.

Keeping it in the family, Baker handed over the reigns to his brother Jaccob in late-2015, moving on to open Pink Moon Saloon. Most of the familiar, close-knit team remains and continues to out-brew some formidable competition.