Caffiend Coffee Company


outdoor area

Kostas Trakas spent several years training and roasting under the guidance of Mark “The Coffee Barun” Barun. In late 2016 he and fiancé Tamika Glouftsis opened their own cafe in historic Hahndorf.

The pair modelled Caffiend on the cellar doors dotted about the surrounding wine region, aiming to emulate the exploratory nature of a wine tasting. One of Caffiend’s signature offerings is a coffee-tasting board showcasing the current single origin, served three ways; espresso, milk coffee and manual brew.

Trakas also pours a seasonal blend, roasted in-house using a seven-kilogram Diedrich coffee roaster that's nicknamed Marlene. A simple brunch menu features familiar favourites such as granola, French toast, eggs and, of course, smashed avocado. Lunch starts at 11.30am with sandwiches, jalapeño corn fritters, and tahini-roasted pumpkin with rocket and quinoa salad.

The cafe is chilled and breezy with white tiles and sky-blue and timber detailing. It’s a welcome contemporary vibe in an otherwise proudly old-fashioned town.