Black Dog Gallery

Black Dog Gallery

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Shop 4 455 Greenhill Road Tusmore 5065
0455 463 432

Ramen pizza with char-siu pork and tonkatsu sauce. Aussie breakfast with a side of miso soup. Pancakes with lemon curd and sake-soaked apricots. This is the kind of fusion you can expect at Black Dog Gallery.

Owner and chef Jun Abe spent a decade working in multicultural kitchens, absorbing flavours and techniques from his colleagues. Although he was born in Japan, he feels more Australian than anything – a fact reflected in the menu. The only thing he claims to miss from Japan is his mum’s curry, which makes the occasional appearance on the menu. And his mum herself, of course.

Abe is also an obsessive coffee drinker who loves to share his knowledge with customers. In addition to espresso – brewed using his much-loved La Marzocco machine with Amanti beans – there are batch brew and cold-drip options.

The space is small and modern with a large window facing onto the bustling Greenville Road. Wooden tables on bright turquoise legs line the room, but decor is kept minimal to highlight the true centrepiece: Abe’s coffee machine, naturally.