Stanley Bridge Tavern


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The first owners of the Stanley Bridge Tavern, who set up in 1853, probably weren’t expecting people to be trading the wombat stew for a fresh Mediterranean salad and fine wine 160 years later. They might recognise some of the fixtures, though.

It’s a truly modern pub, but with its roots firmly set in the local and historic. Before they did anything else, current owners Pablo Theodoros and Frank Hannon-Tan spent time meeting and collaborating with Verdun locals to ensure the spot remained true to the rustic spirit of the town.

The intimate bar, with crackling open fireplace, serves all the regular brews as well as Lobethal Bierhaus and Mismatch beer. Further inside, you’ll find an inviting dining room where you can sit down for a salad, pasta or pub classic. The steak burger with Stanley Bridge sauce is a particular people pleaser.

Theodoros and Hannon-Tan may be familiar names, as they’re also known for their work at Mother Vine. Their passion for wine is evident here too. There’s a healthy list of Hills wines available, enjoyable by the fire or in the sprawling beer garden.