Disco Mexico Taqueria

5:30pm - 12:00am
140 Gouger Street Adelaide 4000


bar food
good date place

Alex Kleut, owner of Adelaide’s first taqueria Disco Mexico, says it’s essentially a taco bar like the type found all over Mexico. His venue blends party vibes with fuss-free food in a small-bar setting.

Kleut worked in the same space when it was Sangria Bar (adjoining the now-closed Mesa Lunga). More recently, it was an extension of Mexican Society of Chinatown.

It took a four-week refurb but they’ve nailed the disco brief. There’s a brass-topped bar, giant disco ball, neons and a projector beaming movies such as Saturday Night Fever onto the wall. A DJ plays on Friday and Saturday nights.

While Disco Mexico shares a kitchen with Mexican Society, and you’re encouraged to go-between for drinks, their menu stands alone. Mexican-born chef Alejandro Huerta (ex Lucky Lupitas) heads up the kitchen.

There’s a list of fillings – including crunchy fried chicken, grilled lobster and tempura-battered snow peas – that can stuff a taco or top a volcane (a fried tortilla stacked with toppings, similar to a tostada). Quesadillas round out the menu.

Huerta’s knack for flavour combinations rolls into the drinks department. He developed two cocktails that incorporate mezcal instead of its ubiquitous big brother, tequila. The Pineapple Express blends mezcal with pineapple juice and basil. There’s no substitute for tequila in its frozen Margaritas.

Mexican beers lead the charge but there’s a token Budweiser for the “gringas” and a local brew from Mismatch. The boutique wines come (almost exclusively) from South Australian up-and-comers.