“The idea of Dreem Room was to create a place where people can get lost,” says Liam Bosecke. “The virtual space is still a physical space we can interact with.”

The local digital artist will present a new, experimental VR work at Smock Bureau tomorrow night. It’s a collaboration with Adelaide art icon Jungle Phillips, perhaps best known for his house, Hartland. The Marion Road home is covered floor to ceiling, inside and out, with his signature vibrant, “naïve” style paintings.

Inspired by Phillips’s free-flowing artwork, Bosecke has used 3D modelling to re-create his own bedroom in virtual reality. Looping animations and a 360 VR view of his “dreem room” sit alongside painted palm husks and recycled materials. It’s a virtual response to Jungle’s hyper-physical practice.

It was Bosecke's first time working with the technology. “To get my room into VR it was a process of jumping between many, many programs and winging it as I went, with at least six YouTube tutorials open at once,” he says.

He then exported the images into a game engine called Unity, and created a 360-degree video that would work on mobile devices. Technological jargon aside, the VR video will offer a fully immersive experience where viewers can traverse Bosecke's cyber bedroom, decked out in psychedelic handpainted textures.

The exhibition opens at Smock, before moving into the neighbouring GU Film House. There will be animations by Bosecke, accompanied by live music; an artist Q&A; and a short documentary on Phillips. There will also be a screening of video works by local and international artists Adriane Morard (CH), Christian Charles (USA), Will Nolan (SA), Alison Woodward (SA) and India Kenning (SA).

It’s a sort of re-opening for Smock, which has been quiet since its first show in July. The gallery launched recently to provide a home for work that may not sit comfortably in a commercial space. “We think there’s more room for letting an artist go wild,” co-curator Emmaline Zanelli told Broadsheet in July.

The prolific Phillips, often described as an “outsider artist”, has always been unapologetically and authentically himself. Bosecke says Dreem Room is a physical manifestation of Phillips's outlook on art: that it “is about being positive and should make people happy”.

Dreem Room is at Smock Bureau on Wednesday November 29 from 6.30pm.