Emma Sadie Thompson is the stylist behind the greenery at some of Adelaide’s newest venues – she has invigorated spaces such as DEW, Electra House and Osteria Oggi with her botanical designs. Most recently she has been busy with the as-yet-unopened (but highly anticipated) Crack Kitchen.

Now you can learn to decorate your own home or office space in a similar way. DEW and Thompson are teaming up again to host a workshop on Kokedama, the centuries-old technique used in Japanese garden art.

Traditionally a variant of bonsai, Kokedama now refers to any number of plant species. The plant’s root system is suspended in a mud ball, then coated in a soft green moss and bound with string. According to Thompson they’re incredibly easy to make.

“I wanted to create a space without pressure, to educate people about caring for plants and inviting them to look at greenery in a different way,” Thompson says. “Kokedama are an extremely sculptural way of displaying plants, but they’re also super accessible in terms of construction.”

For Thompson the mission is simple: “We aim to bring nature into everyday spaces, to improve mood and provide an overall sense of wellbeing.”

Kokedama Workshop will take place at DEW, 101 Hindley Street, Adelaide on Thursday July 28 from 7pm–9pm. The Cost is $70 and includes all the materials you will need and a glass of wine on arrival.