Melbourne-based Frank Green makes environmentally sustainable water bottles and coffee cups that incorporate smart technology and win design awards.

"We started Frank Green as a response to the devastating impact of single-use products in Australia,” says Benjamin Young, founder of Frank Green.

“Thirty-eight per cent of Australia's landfill is single-use coffee cups or water bottles. The problem is huge."

After extensive market research Young saw there was a need to create reusable products that consumers actually wanted to use: they had to be not only functional, but stylish.

Its reusable coffee cups have customisable colour combinations and are made of a sturdy material that doesn’t develop a funky smell over time. The company also uses innovative technology in all of its products.

Frank Green’s embedded SmartCup CaféPay technology means you can buy your coffee – via a cashless payment – by scanning the bottom of the cup.

The company’s SmartBottles can record hydration levels through a recently released app.

"As a community, with the right amount of education, we can really start to change our purchasing habits,” says Young. “But we've got to work together to find real solutions for our customers and community."

To help spread that message, Frank Green is giving a Fonzarelli eco-scooter to one Broadsheet reader.

Fonzarelli and Frank Green share a spirit of innovation and believe in sustainability – Fonzarelli produced Australia’s first electric scooter, which is 100 per cent petrol-free (it runs on portable lithium batteries), so releases zero emissions.

One battery pack can power you across 50 kilometres. And it only costs an average of $1 a week to charge.

"It's all about design, style, functionality and innovation for us,” Young says. “And we'll just look after the environmental sustainability because that's what we do in our DNA and that's what happens when we get up every morning."

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