If you’ve been around Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga recently, you’ll have spotted the bright-blue orbs that are now scattered throughout the park.

The eye-catching installation, titled Spheres (Klein Blue), is by local artist Tom Borgas. Emerging from The Mill’s Public Art Program, Spheres (Klein Blue) questions where the line is between the digital and physical landscape.

Borgas’s work has been described as “glitchy” and it’s easy to see why. The vibrant blue spheres contrast with their natural surroundings to the point that neither look quite real.

“When things work like they should, we don’t think about it,” explains Borgas, “but as soon as it stops working, we notice it.

“The things I make work a bit like a computer glitch. They’re a kind of disruption that hopefully helps people become more aware of the things around them.”

Over the next month, Spheres (Klein Blue) will grow and morph – more balls will emerge as if by magic, or natural reproduction.

Many people have been Instagramming the installation, and lunching and playing near it. Borgas says this is a good example of how static objects can activate public spaces.

“Things that have a tension are interesting and tend to engage us at a deeper level. I think we live in a world that prefers making a choice between one thing or the other, like digital or analogue.

“I think the in-between is more compelling.”

Spheres (Klein Blue) can be seen at Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga until December.