There are a few reasons to be up and about in Kings Cross at six o’clock on a Saturday morning, not all of them savoury. But for the folks who set up stalls at the thriving Kings Cross Organic Market, held each week in the shade of El Alamein Fountain in Fitzroy Gardens on Macleay Street, it’s all about getting ready for the first rush of the morning.

By 8am, an array of stalls selling everything from organic produce straight from the farm to French cheeses and truffle-studded saucisson sec (a French, air-dried pork salami) have popped up and Potts Point locals mingle with culinary cognoscenti from further afield as they enjoy the morning air, eat their way through three or four countries and stock up for the week ahead.

Reflecting its inner east locale, the crowd at the lively food and growers’ market captures the eclectic diversity of the surrounding streets while offering more than a passing nod to the small markets of Europe.

As the markets have grown, so too have the diversity of offerings. Turkish Gozleme are a hot ticket, while across the way, the Scampino family dishes up handmade Argentinean empanadas. Others elect to swing by Camille Richon’s stall and put together a selection of exquisite imported French cheeses, sausages and rillettes for an afternoon of indulgence.

Sundays see the same space turn into bric-a-brac heaven, but if it’s food you’re after, make sure it’s at the top of weekend to-do list. If there’s a better way to while away a Saturday morning, we can’t think of it.