Jester Seeds is small, but strong on atmosphere. Comprising two rooms and a very Australiana astro-turf covered courtyard out the back, the walls are lined in distressed patches and the furniture is comfortably retro.

Owner Ray Vircansa, inspired by a trip down to south Melbourne two years ago, decided to open a cosy bar with vintage aesthetic that recalls the signature southern bar feel. After noticing the crop of small bars that began to sprout in Darlinghurst, Vircansa thought Newtown could use a little of the same. The lack of these smaller, more intimate venues in the city-end of King Street made Newtown the perfect spot for Vircansa to open his first venture.

Jester Seeds offers up an imaginative cocktail list, with drinks including a honeyed whisky mix, the Penicillin, and Pretty in Yellow, a summery passionfruit and vodka blend. Available beers are Bintang (a nod to Vircansa’s Indonesian heritage) and Doss Blockos from Melbourne microbrewer East 9th Brewing.

The food menu is eclectic but casual and paired well with booze with a global smorgasbord including okonomiyaki, kalbi tacos, skewers, and baked potatoes.