With their first The Stables D.S. Co-Op well-established along Bondi’s Gould Street, the team behind fashion distribution company We Are The Stables are continuing their success with a winning formula of coffee, food and fashion. The Stables Cafe, the first stage of their second concept store, has opened opposite The Beresford Hotel on Bourke Street in Surry Hills.

The Stables complex, which is almost at completion, will house a clothing boutique, a bar, talent agency and restaurant, plus the newly opened cafe with beans supplied by Five Senses. “We wanted to find a site that allows integration across all demographics that share a love for coffee and shopping,” says Benny Walters who co-founded We Are The Stables four years ago with Danny Sekulich and Todd Williams. “We want to position ourselves as the ambassador for specialty coffee and establish each business unit as its own hero.”

The menu is laid out in white on the black tiled wall behind a glass counter, contrasting with blonde timber stools and tables, floor to ceiling windows and balcony seating. “The glass cube makes it less secretive and allows more transparency with the street, making it part of the experience,” says Sekulich. “We want to invite people to experience the retail store and the coffee outlet and feel comfortable to move between.”

Morning bites include granola, ham and provolone croissants and herb scrambled eggs on brioche with bacon and house-made relish. Lunch consists of salads and sandwiches on Luxe bread. Fillings include ham off the bone with pickles and coleslaw, poached chicken with avocado, aioli and provolone and crumbed chicken with sweet chilli jam.

Coffee comes courtesy of Five Senses, and filter brews are made to order with pour-overs and Aeropress taking their place at the barista workbench.

“We’re trying to build an old department store feel across multiple dimensions and ensure that people’s time is well invested and not wasted,” says Sekulich.

With the four-level retail component only weeks away and a rooftop restaurant scheduled for November, we look forward to keeping track of this active space.

The Stables Cafe
352 Bourke Street, Surry Hills
(02) 9365 3272

Mon to Fri 8am–3pm