Friday 25th July
Photography by Lauren Bamford
Photography by Lauren Bamford

The Twerps

August 11th 2012, 8 p.m.
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Melbourne surf-pop melody-makers and shakers Twerps return to Australia to play their first shows back after their adventuresome tour of the U.S.A.. Over eight weeks abroad, the band established a name for themselves supporting New Jersey indie kids Real Estate, and spread themselves far and wide across Austin for South by Southwest festival back in March.

Since returning to Australia, they’ve been busy hibernating and creating in the studio, and are eager to burst out and awe us with some spectacular new tunes.

This weekend Twerps are gracing the rugged stage of Goodgod to bring us some love. It will be a jingle-jangle toe-tapping good time, that’s for sure.


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